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    At WIDC, we provide our patients with personalized service and treatment plans for a wide range of infectious diseases. Our Infectious Disease Specialists will determine whether your symptoms are the cause of an infection, and will determine the best approach to treatment.

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Meet Our Medical Team

  • Dr. Jeff DesJardin

    Jeffrey A. DesJardin, M.D.

  • Dr. Brent Wieland

    Brent W. Wieland, M.D.

  • Dr. Charlotte Ellenbogen

    Charlotte Ellenbogen, D.O.

  • Dr. Amber Noon

    Amber Noon, M.D.

  • Dr. Katherine Johnson

    Katherine Johnson, D.O.

  • Dr. Benjamin White

    Benjamin H. White, M.D.

  • Dr. Teresa Cushman

    Teresa Cushman, M.D.

  • Marinka Kartalija, M.D.

  • Dr. Laura Coster

    Laura O. Coster, M.D.

  • Angela Budgin, M.D.

  • Swati Vempati, M.D.

  • Vimal V. Jhaveri, M.D.

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